A day trip to Bucerias wasn’t initially on my itinerary when I visited Puerto Vallarta, but I decided to visit upon realising it was only 30 minutes away from the Grand Palladium Resort where I was staying.

Overview of Bucerias

Nestled along Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit, Bucerias was once a small fishing village. Over the years, it has transformed into a popular tourist destination, renowned for its quaint charm, sandy beaches, and vibrant local culture.

How to Get to Bucerias from Puerto Vallarta

You can easily take a bus from the Puerto Vallarta bus station, which takes around 30-45 minutes. Alternatively. Taxis offer a more direct route, taking approximately 20-30 minutes depending on traffic. We booked an Uber from the Grand Palladium resort and were pleasantly surprised at how quickly we reached Bucerias. On the way back, we opted for a local bus, which was a fun experience that offered a glimpse into local life.

Is Bucerias Good for a Day Trip?

Bucerias is ideal for a day trip due to its close proximity to Puerto Vallarta and Punta Mita. It’s also perfect for a long weekend, if you are looking for total relaxation in beautiful surroundings.

Best Time to Visit Bucerias from Puerto Vallarta

November to April is the dry season when the weather is pleasantly warm and rainfall is minimal. We visited in May, and although the day we traveled to Bucerias was the only cloudy day of our trip, it didn’t prevent us from enjoying the town, swimming at the beach and relaxing.

Bucerias or Sayulita for a Day Trip?

While both are charming, I felt more at home in Bucerias. If you’re after a compact town with a hippie soul, great surf, and a young population, head to Sayulita. For a day of tranquility, local culture, and seaside charm, Bucerias is the perfect choice.

Is Bucerias Safe?

Bucerias is generally considered safe for tourists. As with any travel destination, it’s wise to stay aware of your surroundings, respect local customs, and follow standard safety precautions. The friendly locals and laid-back atmosphere contribute to its reputation as a safe and welcoming town.

Morning in Bucerias

Upon arrival, we headed straight to the beach. Although the local market was closed due to the early hour, the town’s quiet and emptiness were striking. We walked along the golden sand for 15 minutes before finding an open café. The owner was friendly and served us coffee on the beach, allowing us to relax on loungers. Despite the shy sun, the calm and inviting water tempted me for a swim, which was incredibly warm and refreshing.

Playa Bucerias is a must-visit, with its golden sands and calm waters perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and beachcombing.

After breakfast and our swim, we took a long walk along the beach. Even by lunchtime, the beach remained relatively empty, with only a few people scattered around. We saw guided horse riding tours, which looked fun, and admired the many beautiful condos adorned with Canadian flags. We later learned that a community of Canadians resides in Bucerias.



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