Reduces work, eliminates mundane tasks, correctly & consistently logs emails for happier staff and customer

For some types of conversations, email is still the best way of communicating​

For Complex, Dawn-out conversation and images

proof of compliance/ correspondence​​

system generated B2B communications​​

non-critical/not time-bound requests​

for hand-offs to/from 3rd parties​

SMTP based system generated alerts​​

a reliable transport shift between disparate systems​​

attachment processing​​

At Aportio, we are committed to customer channel of  choice.  Instead of moving customers away from email, Aportio has developed InboxAgent to make email management more efficient, cost effective and less mundane for Customer Service Centres and IT Help Desks to manage.


Email Management without hassale

Aportio is taking the pain out of managing emails for customer contact centers and services desks. Logging emails is a thankless repetitive and time-consuming task for services desk agents.

service desk agents should be resolving tickets let automation do the ogging cleansing reclassifying and de-duplicating.

contact csnters and IT services desks are under increasing pressure to improve productivity and increase customer satisfaction now more then ever.

emails are high-cost channel of support for services providers but email remains a highly popular method of communication for mnay users.

the typical time for an agent to manually log & classify an incoming email notifications or requrest is 2-4 minutes.

the accuracy and consistency rates that humans and many PSA built-in persers achieve is low, resulting in even more work to fix the errors.

For companies receiving thousands of emails a month that is a lot of mindless cutting and passing.

Aprotio InboxAgent uses AI to log and classify emails with high degree of accuracy without forcing users to new channels. Inboxagents achieves higher classification accuracy and less human effort then other solutions- including inbuilt ticketing email parsers.



  • Inboxagent:Associates related email conversations to avoid ticket duplication.
  • Uses AI to classify automatically assign to the right out come.
  • combines multiple mail parsing and ML approaches for greater accuracy .
  • An easy plugin to existing tools so no need for ong and costly system upgrades to take advantage of AI.



Our vision is to help bsuinesses to quicktly access the latest benefits that technology has to offer, so staff can stop having to do low-value tasks and customers get a great service experience.