Inbound Email Management and Insights​

For Customer Service Centres and IT Help Desk

Serve your customers faster and better using InboxAgent​ ​ InboxAgent uses AI to analyse customer emails. It classifies, logs and initiates automated resolution.​ InboxAgent provides actionable insights into what your customers are saying and frees up agent time so they can focus on serving customers.​

Emails remin highly popular methode of communication for many customers

Contact centers are under increasing pressure to improve productivity and increase customer satisfaction now more then ever. However emails are a high-cost channel of support for many contact centers.

Aportio InboxAgent is a unique At tool that reads and analysis incoming emils from customers and turns into real insights about what customers are thinking.

Inboxagent also classifies the emails so that it can be logged in your CRM intelligently, automzatically assigning it to the right team and initiating automated actions. It is easy to install, integrates with other channels and knowledgebases.
Agents and sales staff can focus on calue add activiteis and solving problems for their customers faster.
Managers can receive insightful information about what customers are saying and how hey are saying it.
Resolver groups get better information faster about the cause of customer concerns so they can fix the problems at source.

InboxAgent Actions​

Reduces work, eliminates mundane tasks, correctly & consistently logs emails for happier staff and customers​.

  • create entries in the system of record, triages forwards to resolver groups or initiates automation
  • classifies, declutters, deduplicates and route

InboxAgent Insights

nsights drive product & service efficiencies, improve communication with customers, identify automation opportunities and monitor trends​.

  • clear visuals.
  • understand what customers are saying.
  • how, how often, why & when

About the company

Aportio Technology Specialises in IT and contact center service automation , using artificial Intelligence to help IT center and customer support  Team radically improve their service experience 

Customer Success Story

The ROI is Immediate, the team are happier that their jobs are easier they can focus on higher value tasks It was simple and easy to install and the aportio  folks are great to deal with. 

Welcome to Aportio

Free time up for agents to serve customers

Free time up for agents to serve customers & analyse the rich information in emails so you can understand what your customers are saying to you


Declutter email to focus on the content that impacts service


Retain conversations for service improvement and compliance purposes​


Turn unstructured
data into structured


Identify service trends, issues and improvement opportunities


Launch rules to manage and resolve conversations automatically

InboxAgent uses a range of technologies, uniquely stripping emils of unecessary images & text, to achieve high levels of accuarcy

Channel of choice

Customers get to use email rather than being forced into other forms of communication.

Rich data source

Email is a rich source of information about customer preferences and views. InboxAgent converts unstructured email into structured text that can be analysed.

Scrubbed emails

Emails are scrubbed of unnecessary images and text.  This makes it easier to manage once logged. InboxAgent’s ability to strip unnecessary text means that unwarranted bias is not introduced to the the analysis.

Improved accuracy

By combining new technologies, InboxAgent achieves higher levels of consistency and accuracy of classification compared to other methods, including humans.

Reduced duplicate

InboxAgent associates email conversations, reducing duplication which many other solutions create in error.

Deep insights

By understanding email content, companies can instead focus on fixing the product or service features that matter most to their customers. the the analysis.

Handovers & triggers

Without human intervention, AI enables emails to trigger automations, be forwarded to the right resolver group and link to other channels such as bots, portals & knowledge-bases.

Easy plug-in

InboxAgent is an easy plug-in to CRM or ITSM systems, so there is no need for costly system upgrades.

Trend Analysis

With customised reports which provide analysis over time and across different metrics, InboxAgent provides dept. of understanding as your business changes


Our vision is to help bsuinesses to quicktly access the latest benefits that technology has to offer, so staff can stop having to do low-value tasks and customers get a great service experience.